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Common Questions about Tummy Tuck

Am I good candidate for a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

Tummy Tuck is a great procedure for women who have stretch marks and/or loose skin. This procedure is an excellent choice for those seeking a tighter, flatter abdomen.

What is the Tummy Tuck procedure like?

Dr. Maggi will place an incision below the bikini line and out towards the hip bones once you are placed under general anesthesia. The excess fat and skin are removed, the muscles underneath are tightened, the remaining skin is smoothed over the abdomen to provide a pleasing body shape, and often the navel is adjusted to a new position on the newly shaped tummy. In many cases, a mini-abdominoplasty may be done instead, with similar results and shorter scars.

What is recovery like after a Tummy Tuck?

Your greatest discomfort will be within the first 24-72 hours after surgery. You will need your significant other, parent or friend to take care of you. You will not be able to do much for yourself in the first couple of days. You will want to avoid any lifting, pushing, or pulling that requires you to strain, which will cause pressure and stress to your surgical area. Anything heavier than a quart of milk is too heavy. Some people return to work after one week, while others need two or more weeks to rest and recuperate.

Do you have any advice on how to minimize and treat my scar?

The first goal in our care of a healing wound is to optimize the environment so it does not detract from our natural healing process. This involves maintaining a good nutritional status. We also recommend to our patients to use silicone sheeting. This has been shown to greatly benefit the appearance of the final scar. We also suggest keeping your scar out of the sun’s radiation for 9 to 12 months.

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