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Breast Enhancement

Women choose to have breast enhancement for many different reasons. Some may want larger breasts. Others want to restore the breast shape they had before pregnancy. One of the most popular areas of plastic surgery today, breast enhancement can improve not only your appearance but also your self-confidence. This is the perfect procedure for any woman desiring an improvement in her self-esteem and her ability to wear clothes without feeling self-conscious or having ill-fitting garments.

Before making a decision to have surgery, your expectations and goals must be carefully discussed with Dr. Maggi to assure a predictable and satisfying outcome. The best candidates are women who are looking for an improvement in their appearance, are physically healthy, and have realistic expectations.

The procedure involves an implant being inserted into a pocket either:

  • Under the pectoral muscle (submuscular), or
  • Directly behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle (submammary/subglandular)

The positioning of the implants will depend on the type of implant, degree of augmentation desired, your body type, and Dr. Maggi’s recommendations. Also based on current body and breast shape, incisions are made in one of three locations: under the breast, under the nipple, or in the underarm region.

Know that each of these choices will be addressed in great detail during your consultation with Dr. Maggi and the staff at Austin Plastic Surgery Center. You can also expect that you may need to go over them again for a second or third time. Making the choices that are right for you is a process, and we encourage patience, lots of consideration, and asking lots of questions. As Dr. Maggi often says to his patients, “Good planning gets good results.”

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